Since 9/11 2001 silver (money) has risen 1000% and the dollar (paper) has lost 40%! We must preserve our wealth, so investing in a money going up in value instead of down makes sense. Just think back to 1967 when the paper dollar used to be a silver certificate, you would take your paper to the bank and they would give you a silver ounce.


Well, back in the sixties a paper dollar bill and a silver dollar coin would both buy you 5 gallons of gas. Since then silver has been removed from our paper dollar. Now in 2011, you can sell your 1 ounce of silver and buy 9 gallons of gas, double what you could 40 years ago; now take your paper dollar out…you can’t buy even one gallon of gas! Preserve your wealth using God’s money refined in the fire.


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